it’ god’s way

The first day of the new year was really.. magical.

i had my countdown at the most unbelievable place – Tiong bahru park. yea, unbelievable! Daniel Ong, the host had tweet about the count down party that is hosted by the GRC, bringing butter factory DJ, buttering my favorite town!

meet up with Kirk whom spontaneously agree to come after i whats app on our usual group message and we had a great time dancing with the amazing crowd there.. the vibe was incredible and fireworks spattered all over our little town.


The party ended at 1 which was when Ting and Brian joined us.
We went to the tiong bahru plaza’s xin wang for supper, waiting for li to join us. it was a great catch up as we discussed about our future and *finger crossed* the 2012 bag packing trip.

i was on bed around 6 plus, tired from the dancing but excited. Said my prayers to god and thank him for all the presents he had showered me in 2011. it was a year of good changes, less tears and amazing people i have get to know of and i know it because of jesus. With that grateful heart, i fell asleep.

woke up around noon and went to my colleague place for new year lunch. I was blessed with good food, great company, laughter, well wishes.

But god’s magic doesnt just stop there.. Dearest Kat invited me for a stay at the Resort’s world for a night! Her dad had a free room, or should i say a suite! Kat had been such an angel in my life this year and despite our zero common interest, i am thankful for this special friendship..

I was suppose to meet her after the lunch however that poor girl had to run quite a few errands for family so I decide to go the Singapore Art museum first while waiting for her since they had promoted their open day in Facebook.

While at the cross junction, i saw the church which i always passed by whenever i head home from town and as if there is a pull, i walked towards it. It was around 5 and initially i just wanted to explore it as i have never been to in but always wanted to.

Amazingly there was an evening service at 6pm which gave me torn and mixed desire from my original plan. Without thinking much, i just walked around, hoping to catch a glimpse of the church’ hall.


It was open to my surprise and there was rather empty.. the cooling air con was inviting and i took a seat at once of the benches.

I know this sound weird but i felt like i was home and i have never felt this way in any of the churched i have been to. I took the bible and say my prayer.. this time i asked god for a sign. a hint. a message that will bring the best of me in 2012, that will bring me through all my high and low.

I opened my bible and i read this, the verse that is a wallpaper on my phone now.


The service then start to start and i felt myself unable to pull away from my seat. Thank god i didnt because i had a wonderful service..

The preaching from the pastor was like light in a cave, warm gentle light that brightens my heart and faith with rays of sunhine. he spoke about how we should be thankful not for just the blessings we have received from god, but because we have god in our life. thankful not because of the blessings but because god exist.

there was no usual pressurized moments or “sales speech” about offerings and that had touched my heart the most.. There was no promises, “deals” when the pastor urge for donations, but only urging for a grateful heart. With that, i emptied my whole wallet and made the biggest offering i have ever made since i attended church.

My life might not be awesome but with god, i am going to be awesome and make the best out of it.





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