Aunt Nicole and God

I posted the below message on my aunt nicole’s facebook. Aunt nicole is one of those very very devoted christian i know, taking every and any chance she can to preach and talk about beloved Jesus. If you had met her and not known she is an Christian, the meeting must have been less than 5 secs. She is also one of the most patient, beautiful but stubborn aunt among the seven.

She was the first whom introduced me to god and Jesus also being the most awesome aunt to be the first and only to buy me a gift that i truly desire – A Sony discman in the 90’s.

The first time she heard my wish, she express desire to buy a that discman, only to face the biggest obstacle = my mum. She was then told to purchase a pair of good shoe for me instead (for mother hen said “buy what discman for kids lah”). My disappointment and resentment was unforgettable even till now but what can a 10 year old do?

However (thank god!), my dearest aunt must have somehow understood how much i really wanted that discman (which is truly the coolest must have gadget anyone should have when it was launch) and eventually got me one. Although it been more than 10 years since and the discman had long been dis-functional, i still keep it for it was the most awesome gift i have ever received.

Along with that most awesome gift ever, was 2 CDs (church songs, so yea you get the drift) and one of them had recently been dug out by me on those nights that i was ill at ease, frantically hoping to grab something that will smooth my heart..

And it did, I was amaze at how quick the lyrics and songs came back to me.. almost immediately, i sang along, calling out to god. It was extra comforting because 15 years back, I was a happy and truly carefree kid. My worries were how to finish holiday homework and only pain was not as loved like my little brother by my mum.

a few months back, i went digging for any CD that can draw me closer to god as i desperately was uneasy at heart. I found this CD, given to me when i was in primary school by you along with my dream present (the sony walkman which i still keep although it is no longer working). I would never forget those moments i spend hours playing this CD from SG to Kumpong and back to SG and surprising even though i have not hear this for over 10 years, i know most lyrics by heart and it is was the most comforting music till date. Thank you..

Track list:
01. Something Beautiful (Instrumental)
02. Come as You Are
03. Come and See
04. Interlude
05. He Is Our Father
06. Beauty for Ashes
07. White as Snow
08. Something Beautiful
09. Let Your Glory Fill This Place
10. Interlude
11. Come Holy Spirit
12. Draw Me into Your Presence
13. He Reigns
14. The Power of Your Love
15. Great Is the Lord
16. These Things Are True of You
17. Hear My Prayer
18. Interlude
19. The Family Prayer Song (As for Me and My House)
20. The Power of Love (Reprise)

it’s difficult to find the lyrics online but managed to find one here..

Song: Come Just As You Are Lyrics
Artist: Maranatha Singers

Come just as you are

Hear the spirit call

Come just as you are

Come and see,Come receive,come and live forever

Come just as you are

Hear the spirit call

Come just as you are

Come and see,Christ the King, come and live forever Life everlasting,and Strength for today

Taste the living water,And never thirst again

Come just as you are, hear the spirit call

Come just as you are and come see Christ the king, come and live forever

Life everlasting, and Strength for today

Taste the living water And never thirst again

Life everlasting,and Strength for today

Taste the living water And never thirst again

Come just as you are, hear the spirit call

These songs brought me peace and serenity drawn from those memories. I dont know if i can say i truly am 100% committed and believe in Jesus. I dont get how to feel and understand someone whom i never met, no one i know had really met be able to love me selflessly, i dont understand why people said he died for me on a cross. It was political of a past life i have never been.

But i know there is god. God that is mighty and had been working and plan a life of each of us. There is indeed someone up there whom must love me as his creation. If the people of god say Jesus is his son and god had said, he must be then. The teaching, the words pass down were belief i had thrown myself in, even before I know god. That why i am a Christian now.

I have not gone past the doubts, but my belief and faith had been strengthen to beyond my need of understanding some facts.

To my dearest god, whom i prayed so hard during the dark times, whom is the only hope i can grab and cling on, whom pass down so many wonderful times. Thank you..


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