Fish Leong 梁靜茹 and her 愛久見人心

How i wish to 存一寸光陰 換一個世紀..

I mean seriously, when i was a child and i get the idea of invention over the years through my toughest subject; Science.

While people are thinking to invent things like time traveler to bring you to the past or future or things like with a snap, you will get to another place etc, i dream of a time keeper device.

Works like a bank or an atm where we can deposit and save time you dont need at the moment and then withdraw it later when you need it. This was inspired through redundant nap time and painfully shortage of play time back them.

I am till hoping this wont stay as a dream.. Imagine how you can save half of your childhood and spend it when your gray hair takes a closer steps to death.

梁靜茹 – 愛久見人心


我常常為我們之間 忽遠忽近的關係 擔心或委屈
別人只一句話 就刺痛心裡每一根神經

你的溫柔那麼緩慢 小心翼翼脆弱又安靜
也許我們都意會到 這次面對的幸福 是真的來臨
因為太珍惜所以才猶豫 忘了先把彼此抱緊

我不是流言 不能猜測你
瘋狂的遊戲 需要誰准許
別人怎麼說 我都不介意
我愛不愛你 日久見人心

存一寸光陰 換一個世紀
摘一片苦心 釀一滴蜂蜜
用盡了全力 只為在一起
我愛不愛你 愛久見人心


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