unless you can grow younger each day

Today i saw a old man coming out from a BMW, struggling to walk, balancing between his walker and large water bottle alone while the BMW drove away.

I wondered angrily why couldnt the driver at least helped him to the lift and as he struggled, I quickly walked over and asked if he mind me helping. He passed me his water bottle and kept thanking me.

Random 143

As I helped him, he sighed deeply and said “人老了,没用了”
to which i quickly replied “哎哟,不要这样说,能到这个年龄,也代表应为有你才养活了下一代嘛”.

For the rest of the day i kept thinking about this. No one will be young forever or grow younger and whichever generation we are from, it’s really thanks to the previous generation for contributing to it.

I might had always respect them but i have never really been thankful for them. In fact have we been taught or had done anything to thank them? Reality is more on ignoring them and making them feel alone and useless? Overtake them because they take a longer time to talk the same path?

And then it strike me.. one day when i am at that age.. how shitty will i feel about myself then?

I’ve been guilty of ignoring those that need help before and sometimes it really just take a really small amount of money or effort and i wonder if we are so used to ignoring others, can we then one day get used to being ignored when we are old or need help ? Saying no is easy but to be said no to?

Last year i told myself to be nicer but this year, i want to try to be nice.


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