desire to grow up together

Marriage, a bitter sweet topic.

At twenty six, working in a regional role means all your facebooks are full of weddings invite, proposal video, gushing of kids cuteness and love.

I have never gotten married but been and still going through one, a long painful one – my parents marriage. There a bitter taste when marriage is mention and living with someone forever… scares me.

Anyway i thought the summary of the below article is really good and while many keep seeking for their mr and mrs right, actually the key is to make it right.

Your spouse becomes your soul mate after you’ve made those vows to each other in front of God and the people who matter to you. You don’t marry someone because he’s your soul mate; he becomes your soul mate because you married him.

Marriage doesn’t require a big bank account, a dazzling resumé, or a televised wedding—it requires maturity, commitment, and a desire to grow up together.

– Julia (


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