roaches and their survival skills

Today i saw a baby roach at work and i didn’t flinch a bit because this scene is now familiar in the handicap toilet and at least this time it’s only one that i can keep my eye on.

My 2nd trip was to the usual female toilet and only the 4th cubical entered was bearable as the previous 3 wasn’t flushed clean but as i did my *ahem* business, i realize there are bits of papers and strands of hairs on the floor. How on earth did people conduct their business in loo is really puzzling..Or were the cleaners kidnapped?

But this is not more puzzling than how a 8,241.00 million revenue generating MNC can cut cost to the extend that it compromise of basic hygiene (P/s since 2009, our rubbish bin get cleared only twice a week).

Although the advise here should be “dont sweat over the small stuff and focus on the big picture” but the true morale of the story is that be it Xiao Qiang or Da Xiang,be it pest or human, as long as you are one, you get to call this place your 2nd home. ARGH!

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