Love Live Life

Last Saturday church service was different and… simply moving.

For once, we are not focusing on what a child of god should do, can do, will do, had done.

This time it was just about god. simply him.
Feeling him, drawing closer, worshiping. It was really nice to have the worship songs in between the sharing of word from pastor kong.

In such tough times, i am glad the pastors choose not to weaken, not to dampened but instead work even harder in strengthening the church and the relationship with god.

it reminds me of the lovely twin, Jayseelee whom shared their story of their mother whom lost her life to cancer.

“it’s not only during the good times,when it is easy to praise the lord, when everything is going right..but when things are tough. when to us human beings, we dont understand what good is there in that situation. THAT is when you have to choose to REJOICE”

During the service, it really feel like there is just a clean state of land between god and me, there is nothing between us and i can see and reach to him easily.

I was really thankful for this service and the great leaders who are behind it.

At the end, i love this quote shared who reminded us the most basic of how to live a life.

Love living. Live loving.

-Sun Ho (twitter)


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