for the best

After 5 contracts with my current co,  “Harry.Potter” , I have just received my 6th and the figure on the paper was so unexpected! My heart leaped and my eyes went misty (happy tears!), especially after sharing it my beloved cousin and sister was so happy that they cried for me.

My past 5 years hasn’t been easy, just being on contract  itself speaks volume about benefits and stability of my live-hood. And of course it doesn’t help that ever since i join, the co had been doing down the hill with so much bad changes. On top of them, i don’t have the luck of meeting decent or even good mangers until last year.

I have become jaded and weary esp after the first 3 years of increasing R&R yet with no increment and yet my manager at that time expect me to be grateful that i even have a job so lets not talk about any improvement on anything.

Luckily the following 2 years, moving to a manager IC role where i been appreciated and for the first time, i feel good but last year was really rough as changes keep coming.

Despite so, I know i am blessed! At my 3rd year, i know i was lagging way behind within my peers and really lowly paid and constantly made to feel shitty.

I was really demoralized, frustrated and upset as i couldn’t find a better job then a ex product manager recommend me a manager IC role of another business group. That is the start of the change where i truly look forward to my job.

Another blessing is that i met with really good and nice people who lighten my heart and mind and now i have one of the best manager i ever had.

Not because of this pay increment i am getting, I had this realization when the situation around us get ugly and yet she stood in front of us, bracing all insults and misunderstanding just for the team’s best interest.

Now at the 6th contract, with the appreciation that had never given for the past 5 years, i got another job offer within HP.

Still a contract role
Most likely the same pay range
More unstable benefits
Same are of work
Might be of better future
VP that i hate but director (whom i be reporting to) that i love to work under
maybe a better future?

So when i asked one of my beloved what do she think (if i am offered the same terms) and if i should pray for the offer to be better?

Instead of praying for which to be better, just pray for the best for god always have the best for me.

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