Shoo negativity

This week is bad and i am glad it’s over..
negativity just keep swarming and tears keep clouding my sight..
anger rising and temper have to be consistently kept in checked..

every time i see that asshole face, all i want to is return that punch.

every time someone tell me to forgive so i am a bigger person i want to tell whoever to fuck off as they have not give as much as i did and get betrayed that way.

every time some one tries to criticize me in anyway or even in anyway try to put me in a bad light, i feel like giving it to them and ask them to take a look at themselves at the mirror first and if they are that delusional, i can certainly help to enlighten them with their flaws.

i am so angry so upset so freaking mad
who doesnt know that being happy is good
who doesnt know that letting go of anger is better
but the heart just have it ways beyond the brain’s control
so please shut up and stay out of the way

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