God and Humility

just as i been pondering on this.. How in time God’s words are..


have you ever been.. or ever met folks that constantly seek to impress others, always magnifying and making a fuss of others faults yet so forgiving and blinded about theirs? Dropping names and claiming credit and relationship with their mouth? Making others feel bad to feel good about themselves?

I want to be impressive too to i can fly higher but never the above ways and i hope i will never be..


I really believe its not about the names you drop but instead who is dropping your name. To be forgiving to others fault is actually more impressive than doing the opposite for how good can one be if one is shinning while stepping on others?

Humility (adjectival form: humble) is the quality of being modest or respectful. While we say what we say, do we hear what we say? How many times have you been impressed by a humble person vs a boastful one?

In the end… tt good to be great but even greater to be good.


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