Babies talk

On Thursday night, my mum dig out one of baby albums after sharing and showing her one of the latest conversation of my whatsaps – babies.

It’s no surprise that during dragon year, babies booms like “hot cakes” as dragon was the popular kid compared to the rest of the zodiac animals.


So i have reached that age and people around me are showing babies pictures like their newest handbag purchase and the sheer amount of baby talks i am surrounded with sometimes overwhelms me to the point that I have master the ability to teleport myself out of the zone mentally despite nodding in conversation.


So there’s two babies, one as cute as a button korean baby and another frowning and stressful looking Hong Kong Baby.


Two worlds apart with only one common point – Singapore dad. But yet somehow my mum says that I look alike both babies when i was young.


It’s like mission impossible but yet she prove herself right after we flipped through the pages.


As I get amazed by how cute i was and at the same time wonder what happened during the growing up process, and i was apparently the easiest and cutest kid among three or may i brag most kids.


Mum shared about how easy/hard/frustrating/guilty/fun/hilarious to raise three of us and then it hit me how similar it sound.

Random 1811

It those babies stories and snippets that i been hearing from the new mummies at work and it was just amazing because this time the baby she is talking about is me! ME! and okay, fine.. my sis and bro too.


Then it dawned to me how much have changed since but much it has not for my mum. she is still the mummy gushing about her kids, remembering all those fine details, have a huge enormous and sometimes bottomless pit of patience and love for us.


That is why she remains at the most important person in my life whom i cant afford to lose and is trying my best to afford her a better life.


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