Beyond Kindness

Today i was shown that it really takes so much more than just kindness when helping someone who is so incorrigible, rude and full of herself.

Over the years I’ve witnessed generosity and wisdom over the years from my uncles and recently even humility which is totally unexpected from one of my uncles that had really touched us which also trigger this whole “project” to action.


Last night my elder cousins really had me at awed (despite my fuming anger at an ingrate) as they displayed an immense amount of grace, empathy and patience towards someone who doesn’t deserve it at all but probably need it more than the rest when dealt with.

That when i realize my kindness is limited in terms of my review of the receiver’s attitude as i let judgment and anger get it the way of the intention. I have underestimate myself, thinking i be able to deal with a difficult person but even so, I am glad i did else i would have missed out another lesson i need to put myself through.


To be honest, none of us know if this will turn out worth it or not but we just gotta give her and ourselves that one last try so that we can all move on with no “if only”. The things we have heard last week, an arrogant spoilt daughter who see wrong in everyone else except the one she faced in the mirror, unappreciative, bitter, very clever, twisted words vs a mother whose biggest mistake is spoiling her daughter too much, was so quick to reflect herself and take the blame, letting guilt gnaw and so willing to be the one taking a step back and I wonder how can so much love turn someone to a monster.. When will this pair of mother daughter ever reconcile, we dont know…


During this process of helping, I looks like i will need to rely and pray to god for his strength and wisdom on dealing with difficult people to attain the below..

Proverbs 12:16 tells us that “a fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.”

I have a long way to go from fool to prudent (not even sure if i will ever be able to master that) but I am so thankful that i have these amazing roles models in my life to look up and be inspired by them.

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