Teo clan

I love history – more if it’s roots of my family, having it closer to blood. During my granny’s funeral, i heard so many stories of her and was so fascinated and thirsty for more.. Thanks (or maybe not, i have yet to decide) to facebook, i start to connect with my uncles and aunties through this powerful platforms.

Teo rootsjpg

Recently one of my uncles shared this and i was hooked..

History of Teo Clan
I like to share what I know about our ancestry history. If you have any please add or correct me.

It will be good if you all cousins can organize a trip together to visit our ancestor place which is in Kinmen, Taiwan. Maybe with Christine who is now in in Tainan until January.Tun Lin should have more closer contact with them I think. I did not know where is Kinmen until I google. Its in fact nearer to China than Taiwan. The last time we met our relative from Kinmen is during Grandmum funeral.

His name is Kong Hai. I think he used to be a police chief and later joined politics and became an MP. You all can get more information from Dua Pek, James my eldest brother.

I think our forefathers come to Singapore in the early 1900’s. My mother was born in Singapore around 1930s. So you can see that they have a very difficult life living under British rule in Singapore, World War 2, opium trading, gangsterism, no rule of law, no job opportunities and starvation.

I think my father eldest brother died of starvation. My father and his 3rd brother have to give up their studies to work so that their 2nd brother can continue his studies. Many of our relatives also died in World War 2.

I learn something from my mum about her past. His father, my grandfather was a very tough man. They call him the Tiger of Shandong. He used to be the foreman in the Singapore river dock transferring cargo from the ship to the tug boat later to the warehouse in Singapore river.

Later he became a opium drug dealer. My mum told me that he used to hold a gun in his hand and hold my mother to sleep. Sometimes my mum would walk in the street controls by rival gangs and she would be beaten up. Sound like Shanghai gangster show. It must be the same. That how she is so tough herself.

My grandfather loves his grandchildren very much that he will buy a big basket of durian for all of us. That is why we re all crazy about durian! Later he decided to quit drug smuggling and do a last big deal. However he was sabotage and lost everything.

Suddenly he became a depress man who lost his soul and everything. Mum told me he always appreciate his husband who later take my grandfather into his care. He passed away soon and I cannot remember his face except for the picture I found in my mother’s house.

My mum’s mother is also a beautiful woman like my mother. She is a devoted Buddhist and always seem to be in isolation maybe because trying to atone the sin of my grandfather.

When I was young, my father used to bring me to Telok Ayer Street, and we have the famous lor Mee there and sometimes visit the Hokkien clan Association. I think you can learn more stories from Tua Pek and other uncles and auntie.

Actually I was the most fortunate kid in the family as my father will bring me to go all his friends gathering and I will eat abalone and all the good stuff until I am scare of them.

Please feel free to add your stories and comment to this post. Thanks and have a good day

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