epi lasik epic mum

Finally did my epi lasik and today is day 5. The experience is for another day, another blog. Today i finally went out as my eyes no longer stings and is the vision is starting to clear up.

mum: where are you now?!

me: at xxxxx, just bought the box of 洗衣粉

mum: aiyo why you go buy alone!!! your eyes just got cut u still like that! ( i had a epi-lasik done)

me: its fine mum.. doc say its ok to go out now lah

mum: so heavy that box (5,5kg) you carry later you strain your eyes how?!?

me: mum.. how is carrying that going to strain my eyes? i use my hand to carry leh

mum: you <£|+%€不听话{¥¥\*]>\€\£你就知道! *hangs up*

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