Singapore Favorite Food Village 2015

Another SG 50 event!

This is my 2nd visit this week as tabby wanted to check this out after i shared on facebook.

The power of social media is that with just one sharing and a delish topic, almost immediately everyone who commented was making plans to go, i was even bombarded over lunch for the dishes review.

Love sharing good stuff and see others getting excited over it too!

argh! i wanted to check in the location but the above location was the only one that pop up which is incorrect. It’s on Clarke Quay Bridge, read street. Between swissotel and clarke quay.

it’s impossible to miss it if you are out by the river

So this is my 2nd time here and with 6 friends this time, i get to try more!! This was only 20% of what we had today and my mouth got too busy there after.

The reason why i raved about #sffv15 because its spacious, at great location, airy, still quite affordable and delish. Almost nothing to complain about

So here are the must must muuuussst try dishes that i would highly go for..

Truffle Wanton Mee

Initially i was a little disappointed to see that the truffle oil was only sprayed on top bs being infused or tossed along during the cooking process.

But but but!!! when i took the first bite, i was like “give that cook a medal”!!

I believe they used a good grade of truffle and oh my, i didnt expect it to go so well after i tossed it. Why did it took so long for someone to realize how well wanton mee goes with truffle oil? If i had one dish to go for, this will be it.

It’s 8 bucks and some might feel its rather pricey for a wanton mee with just a spray of truffle oil but if it was truffle pasta with wanton infusion, i think it’s dirt cheap then.

Not only that, the noodles were springy, char siew was decent and the dumplings are of decent size so it’s a steal to me.

Sometimes i feel sorry for SEA local dishes because it’s cheap and thus people dont see the value of it. The amt of effort is no less than a pasta and probably even more!

Ondeh ondeh churros from the churros factory!

I had this dish first from #sffv15 and it was tabao by my sis for me as i didnt wanted to go down, worried about the durian smell.. And even though it wasnt hot and pipping, it was amazingly good!

It was crispy on the outside and chewy inside with the beautiful blend of coconut sugar with the pandan. I think i had 5 of this so far. Its 3 for 5 bucks and i think its super worth it too. It so nice that i think even a nazi cant find fault in it.

LAKSA PASTA! This is like an hidden gem for me which is why i have to rave about it. I dont see anyone eating this at all nor is it on any of the fb/instagram pics i have seen.

I’m a huge sucker for innovation which is why i ordered it and man it is good! I was a little surprised that the guy i ordered from is the chef because he was so well dressed and hip looking. The whole dish is very well balanced in flavour and for 8 bucks there was scallops, mussels and prawns – damn worth it!

now moving on to the not so worth eating but can try lah dishes.

Deep fried crabs – lack of flavor and didnt tasted very fresh to me. And it’s not soft shell crab so basically i chew and split. Maybe it would had be better if it was hot and crispy from the oil.

Salted egg carrot cake. I was super excited and anticipating for this dish the most but it just didnt make the cut at all. In fact i didnt bother to eat it this time.

This was just drizzled with very bland salted egg york sauce. The carrot cake portion isnt much nor is it very tasty. So so disappointed that i couldnt taste any salted egg york. I truly believe this was one dish that can work..

Abit like some guys who you think is the perfect boyfriend but ended up like jerk that cheats on you

My friends liked this but i thought it was really normal.. so normal that i can say any good nor bad.

According to my friend, it has that aroma that she cant find it anymore these days. i have no idea si mi aroma is that.

Pig trotters lor mee. This is suppose to be combined if you ordered the smaller bowl at 6.50

I must say i am not sure what to make of this and it did taste well.. separately. Eating it together as one dish is also okay, nothing conflicting but neither did it compliment each other. The meat is tender and flavorsome, perhaps its the lor mee that failed to make any impression.

The fried sotong. It damn big can! bigger than my big face which says alot.

Now this one is tender which i like as most fried sotong i had tent to be tougher but it isnt juicy or as flavorful as i like either. The bbq ones are quite alike and i guess it’s also because i have taste better ones in taiwan so was a little let down.

Now to the horrible things which i would warn my friends about.

The xiao long bao. The skin was thick, hardly any soup in it and wasnt tasty. plus super ex lah! even ding tai feng is cheaper!

Next was the roasted meat which is tasteless and have that greasy smell. argh no no!

I missed out handmade chee chong fan which was made freshly on the top with different flavors and topped with preserved radish. I think this dish is between so so to argh. The olive chicken was bad but the veg version is okay.

Oh and popiah and that another version in cup? Those were good! Just that it wasnt interesting so not that memorable for me


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