Child vs adult

Do you know why kids are the easiest to love?

I think it’s because they are simple in how they think, feel and direct in expressing it. There is no hidden message, denial mode nor agenda on whatever they say.

You know what they want and what they dont and can give accordingly. It’s easy to interact because it’s so clear.

Recently i feel really drained. Of dealing with people who are tainted and is damnest hard to communicate and deal esp with in time when there is an issue.

It’s the most irony of how they complicate their life and issues with emotions and insist in claiming to be nonchalant. They will make a point and insist on it which makes it so painfully obvious

There is no need to pretend to be cool a out it when you are not cool about it.

Gotta pray for patience and grace for me to lean on and let them be. Trying my best to be understanding and tactful and cant help but to wish more people can be REALLY simple instead of just claiming.
Be honest and transparent. Be sensitive but not petty. Be nice not PR. Be real not fake. Be truthful on how you feel vs what claim. Isnt it so much better and easier?

Oh well, to each its own.. Everyone have their demon to slay. I’m getting more frustrated with how affected i am, just wish i can stop getting affected by all these murky toxic of others

heeh! just realize the sticker meant that woman always see themselves fatter 😓

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