Yasutoki Kariya’s Newton’s Cradle

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ― Martin Luther King Jr

Yasutoki Kariya’s Newton’s Cradle.

What a depressing  day scrolling the social media news feed this week. The 4 year old girl getting senselessly hacked to death. The targeted at Christian bombing at a Pakistan park. The Egypt flight which thank god had no innocent blood spilled.

Tragic, loss of too short a life and hostage of innocent ones, senseless killing, rowdy protesting, hijacking, misleading headlines, hearts pouring. Sadness drove the rest up the wall, created fear which in turn got fist of anger up to create fear in their righteous and here we go the vicious cycle.

An act unforgivable but they cant be called cruel if they are unsound no? Suddenly everyone wants to solve and make the world sane but none with love or the intending to brighten the world with that unforgiving heart. I think that’s the saddest case of all.

The 4 year old’s nickname was 小燈泡 and her mother shared that just days before, she took her tea and sat by the window saying how wonderful the world is and how she can sit there all day admiring it. What a kiddo! I like to think her nickname is already a message to us. How we need light on earth, how we need to glow in kindness and mercy of each other to pass the light on.

May each light diminished on earth is one that will lit in heaven shining on us.


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