Be the solution

“If you cant be the solution, let it be that you are not at least not part of the problem”

JUST last night, this advise kept ringing in my head and i almost wanted to blurt it out loud. I could still recall so clearly that this advise was given during the prefectorial camp when I was just a teenager and it was after a bunch of us kept shooting down some of the proposed ideas how to manage the rowdy student during recess with justification of how it had not worked previously.

We thought we were being practical and helpful, bringing the session alive and filtering useless ways that was tested before and although we all quietly nodded our heads but most of us felt indignant when told off and we secretly just felt that “aiyah these adults cant handle the hard truth, just wanna finish the session without disturbance“

As an adult now, i realized actually it’s was just us being si gin na because of the way we have “showed” our help. It’s the way we booed, showed our attitude, got frustrated and insisted our opinions out loud, causing distress to the teachers with our self righteousness.

Over the years, I see how harmful such self righteous can be and what a pain in the ass it can be to dealing with folks like that.

Righteousness should be like the fireplace that warms the heart but self-righteousness is like that unwanted forest fire burning away, giving haze and draining people health.

But to be honest, i still think that those proposed ideas were crap though

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