When May was hit with unkindness, filling my heart with so much. The uncertainty was unsettling with fear and the faith was submerging.

As i shared my testimony today, i look back at the prayer that was the pivot point for me and once again drew strength.

Lord I commit Karen and this situation in Your hands. Firstly I ask for Your peace to guard her heart. Lord let her heart not be troubled and let it not be afraid. Because we know who is in control. Not her boss but You! We know also that You are a good good Father and no good gifts will You withhold from us.

Your Word says that those who trust in You will not be disappointed. So if this is a close door, I pray that You will make it clear and give Karen an unshakable peace- the peace that passes all understanding and that what is to come will be even better.

I pray Lord that You will turn the situation around with her boss, that he will treat her kindly and not be hostile. I ask for Your wisdom in this situation and ask that we will learn to trust You and take each step with You. I pray Karen will know where her help comes from… not from men but from the Maker of Heaven and Earth. So I know she is not helpless even though she feels that way which is natural in a situation like this.

But I pray she will hold onto every promise You have given to her and see that her God is far greater and bigger than this problem. I thank You Father that You are for us and with us. You promise that You will never leave us and will fight for us. So I commit Karen into Your hands. And even as she desires to be obedient to You, You will bless her. In Jesus name I pray Amen 🙌🏼

And 1 month a few days later, the affirmation, apology and increment came unexpected. I did nothing but god did everything. I am blessed and my truth renewed. thank you.


Let my heart be weigh down by the right things

Because i am restless, guilty yet knowing i need to be more firmly rooted. I asked for closed doors and i shouldnt be tempting to peek. For i asked for open doors but i dont know if the door is what of your will.
For now.. for now

“But be on guard, so that your hearts are not weighed down and depressed with the giddiness of debauchery and the nausea of self-indulgence and the worldly worries of life, and then that day [when the Messiah returns] will not come on you suddenly like a trap; for it will come upon all those who live on the face of all the earth. But keep alert at all times [be attentive and ready], praying that you may have the strength and ability [to be found worthy and] to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand in the presence of the Son of Man [at His coming].” (‭LUKE‬ ‭21‬:‭34-36‬ AMP)


doors shut and some not

You’re altogether lovely

Altogether worthy

Altogether wonderful to me – Here i am to worship

Thank you. For stopping the temptations of heart matters. For your presence on paths and words paved when i am feeling fear and uneasy. For the peace tonight and showing me how i should and can trust and lean on you. To doors i wanted to shut for the wrong reasons but didnt because of you and to doors shuts because you know it what i need. 

for the paths crossed and some perhaps not to be. 

I love you lord.


Rick Warren’s Forgive Because You Are Forgiven

my heart is still sealed but I’m listening..

Forgive Because You Are Forgiven by Rick Warren

“For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.” (Matthew 6:15 NIV)

I have no doubt that many of you are carrying some deep wounds that you’ve carried for months, maybe even years. When you think about that person who hurt you, it’s still as fresh as if it happened this morning. The pain is still there, and you’re still filled with resentment.

You say, “Why in the world should I forgive that person who hurt me so much? You have no idea how much they hurt me. Why should I offer grace to that person?”

You ought to do it for three reasons:

1. You need to be gracious to others and forgive those who’ve hurt you because God has been gracious to you.

You will never have to forgive anyone else more than Jesus Christ has already forgiven you. You should consider that you haven’t always gotten what you deserved, either. God has been gracious with you. Now be gracious with others.

2. You need to forgive others because the alternative is bitterness.

Scientists tell us that resentment is the unhealthiest emotion there is. It always hurts you more than anybody else! Resentment will not change the past, and it won’t solve the problem. It doesn’t even make you feel better. In fact, it makes you feel worse.

The Bible says in Hebrews 12:15, “Be careful that none of you fails to respond to the grace which God gives, for if he does there can very easily spring up in him a bitter spirit which is not only bad in itself but can also poison the lives of many others” (Phillips).

3. You need to show grace to and forgive others because God expects you to do it.

Matthew 6:15 says, “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins” (NIV). Jesus says we cannot receive what we are unwilling to give. If you say, “I could never forgive that person,” then I hope you never sin. If you just don’t feel like doing it, do it anyway, because it’s the right thing to do.

The reason why some of you have a hard time forgiving is because you don’t feel forgiven. Would you pray this prayer of liberation and freedom in your heart?

“Dear Jesus Christ, you know I’ve been hurt by others. You know that my resentment has made me act in ways that have been unreasonable and unhelpful and unhealthy. I need your power to release and forgive those who’ve hurt me so I can stop letting them control me. Would you please replace my hurt with the peace of Jesus Christ? God, I realize that I’ve hurt a lot of other people with my habits and my bad decisions and my hang-ups. Would you please forgive me for the way I’ve hurt others? Help me to make a list of those I’ve harmed and in the right way at the right time to humbly seek to make amends. Jesus Christ, I want to refocus my life on you. I want to face the future courageously with love and peace in my heart. Would you replace my resentment with your love, my bitterness with your grace? Thank you for your graciousness to me. Thank you for forgiving me for the things that I’ve done wrong. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”


Rick Warren’s what is real forgiveness?

Forgiveness always have me choke at heart and this message though, yet to be able unlock it, speaks volume.

Real forgiveness is not a cheap term you just throw out that instantly makes everybody feel better. That’s not real forgiveness.

The Bible says real forgiveness is four things:

Forgiveness is remembering how much you’ve been forgiven.

“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you” (Ephesians 4:32 NIV). This is the starting point for genuine forgiveness. If you don’t feel forgiven, you won’t want to forgive anybody else. If you’re hard on yourself, you’re going to be hard on others. But the more grace you receive from God, the more gracious you’re going to be to others. The more forgiven you feel by God, the more forgiving you’ll be toward others.

Forgiveness is relinquishing your right to get even.

Romans 12:19 says, “Never avenge yourselves. Leave that to God, for he has said that he will repay those who deserve it” (LB). Life is not fair, but one day God’s going to settle the score. He’s going to right the wrongs. So, who can get better justice — you or God?

Forgiveness is responding to evil with good.

The Bible says in Luke 6:27-28, “Do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you” (NIV). How can you tell when you’ve really forgiven somebody? When you can look at that person’s hurt and not just your own and pray for God to bless him or her.

You ask, “How could I ever do that for the person who’s hurt me?” You can’t unless you allow the love of God to penetrate your life. Only the love of God can help you do something like that.

Forgiveness is repeating the process as long as necessary.

“Peter came to him and asked, ‘Lord, how often should I forgive someone who sins against me? Seven times?’” (Jewish law said you had to forgive a person three times, so Peter doubled it and threw one in for good measure.) “‘No, not seven times,’ Jesus replied, ‘but seventy times seven!’” (Matthew 18:21-22 NLT)

How long do you have to keep forgiving a person? As long as it takes. You have to keep forgiving that person until the pain stops and the desire to get revenge goes away.

Talk It Over

  • What difference has God’s grace made in your life? How can you extend that grace to others?

  • For whom do you need to pray God’s blessing today? What hurt do you need to let go of?

  • What good can you do for someone in your life who hates you or who has wronged you?


Beyond Kindness

Today i was shown that it really takes so much more than just kindness when helping someone who is so incorrigible, rude and full of herself.

Over the years I’ve witnessed generosity and wisdom over the years from my uncles and recently even humility which is totally unexpected from one of my uncles that had really touched us which also trigger this whole “project” to action.


Last night my elder cousins really had me at awed (despite my fuming anger at an ingrate) as they displayed an immense amount of grace, empathy and patience towards someone who doesn’t deserve it at all but probably need it more than the rest when dealt with.

That when i realize my kindness is limited in terms of my review of the receiver’s attitude as i let judgment and anger get it the way of the intention. I have underestimate myself, thinking i be able to deal with a difficult person but even so, I am glad i did else i would have missed out another lesson i need to put myself through.


To be honest, none of us know if this will turn out worth it or not but we just gotta give her and ourselves that one last try so that we can all move on with no “if only”. The things we have heard last week, an arrogant spoilt daughter who see wrong in everyone else except the one she faced in the mirror, unappreciative, bitter, very clever, twisted words vs a mother whose biggest mistake is spoiling her daughter too much, was so quick to reflect herself and take the blame, letting guilt gnaw and so willing to be the one taking a step back and I wonder how can so much love turn someone to a monster.. When will this pair of mother daughter ever reconcile, we dont know…


During this process of helping, I looks like i will need to rely and pray to god for his strength and wisdom on dealing with difficult people to attain the below..

Proverbs 12:16 tells us that “a fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.”

I have a long way to go from fool to prudent (not even sure if i will ever be able to master that) but I am so thankful that i have these amazing roles models in my life to look up and be inspired by them.


God and Humility

just as i been pondering on this.. How in time God’s words are..


have you ever been.. or ever met folks that constantly seek to impress others, always magnifying and making a fuss of others faults yet so forgiving and blinded about theirs? Dropping names and claiming credit and relationship with their mouth? Making others feel bad to feel good about themselves?

I want to be impressive too to i can fly higher but never the above ways and i hope i will never be..


I really believe its not about the names you drop but instead who is dropping your name. To be forgiving to others fault is actually more impressive than doing the opposite for how good can one be if one is shinning while stepping on others?

Humility (adjectival form: humble) is the quality of being modest or respectful. While we say what we say, do we hear what we say? How many times have you been impressed by a humble person vs a boastful one?

In the end… tt good to be great but even greater to be good.


Hazey situation

In Singapore it’s summer all year round and there is always a joke about how the easiest jobs in Singapore can be found in the weather forecast station (aiya, either rainy or sunny loh).

Recently a new weather had been added in the chart but unfortunately is hazardous to health – Haze.

not sure why everyone is complaining that our government is not responsive but i felt that they were quick with press releases to advise on the N95 masks, what to do during this period, sending letters and officials to Indonesia (and responding maturely to childish and thoughtless comments) , quickly get NEA to update their sites with lots of information.

Next 24 Hour Forecast
Source: NEA

Regional Haze Map
Source: NEA

Many folks where angry that a no-work order was not issued despite hitting a 400 psi dangerous level how come on, life have to do on..

If a no-work order is issue, what will happen to people who needs medical treatment on a daily basis? Entrepreneurs and especially the soho and SMBs like taxi drivers, hawkers etc? Let’s face it, we all gotta buy eat and drink too? Shops that sells groceries?shall they close too?

As the haze smog our little red dot, i cant help to feel that it had also smog the our heart and brain.. the ugly side of human nature starts surfacing above the smoke.. folks are selling masks at a ridiculous price in times of need, nations are pointing fingers fingers at each other, citizens are brainwashed and accusing each other.

All these hatred for what? But of course, the good will always triumph against bad.. little actions of kindness, big or small starts surfacing..

Examples like good guy (bosses) like MacDonald, KFC, pizza hut who stop their delivery boys from working.. Also kuddos to my cousin who allow all her staff to claim cabs fare for going to work with the haze. Also, especially to my current co allowing us to WFH which really is a blessing in such cases.

One in particular is this video that went viral. it was mentioned that while one can burn the forest, we can let our human spirit burn brighter. so well said, so well done.

Of all, it reminded me to pray – “Dear god, please let the blue sky stay, protect the old young and weak and may us learn to treasure the beauty of your creation”.

We learn to never take the simple things in life for granted and also realize that its the simple things that make the difference in life..

Random 1343

Now though the haze is gone, despite the prediction of having it for 4 months, but the appreciation of blue skies and clear view of scenery stays in many of us for sure…


That punch

I believe that punch delivered to my right cheek yesterday will no sooner or later be delivered to your gut and while i fall on the floor, you will fall to hell.

As much as i like to deliver that punch back to your sicking face right to your menacing eyes, i will leave it to the will of god to do what is right at the his time and i shall raise above your lowly status.


Love Live Life

Last Saturday church service was different and… simply moving.

For once, we are not focusing on what a child of god should do, can do, will do, had done.

This time it was just about god. simply him.
Feeling him, drawing closer, worshiping. It was really nice to have the worship songs in between the sharing of word from pastor kong.

In such tough times, i am glad the pastors choose not to weaken, not to dampened but instead work even harder in strengthening the church and the relationship with god.

it reminds me of the lovely twin, Jayseelee whom shared their story of their mother whom lost her life to cancer.

“it’s not only during the good times,when it is easy to praise the lord, when everything is going right..but when things are tough. when to us human beings, we dont understand what good is there in that situation. THAT is when you have to choose to REJOICE”

During the service, it really feel like there is just a clean state of land between god and me, there is nothing between us and i can see and reach to him easily.

I was really thankful for this service and the great leaders who are behind it.

At the end, i love this quote shared who reminded us the most basic of how to live a life.

Love living. Live loving.

-Sun Ho (twitter)


In prayers

Keeping my sister in prayer and perhaps the wait is so that the perfect one needs time to reach her so that she dont have to work for a day as long as she love it.

Keeping my Aunt’s condition in prayer and perhaps the tough times are here so that one day when she look back, she understand the true meaning of bittersweet.

Keeping my cousin’s health in prayer even though i know she will be victorious in it, just like her name.

Keeping the church and leaders in prayer because I believe god is showing us a lesson.

Keeping my parents in prayer because i believe in miracles.

myself? I’m waiting too.


When hurt

Forgiveness. Always said easy but harder in action… and in heart but yet essential for one to move on from hurt or growing anger.

I know this is very hard. It’s certainly difficult for me to forgive and bless my enemies at times. But when you have been hurt by someone, you need to do what the Bible instructs: Don’t curse it, don’t nurse it, don’t rehearse it, but disperse it and trust God to reverse it

Don’t curse it, don’t nurse it, don’t rehearse it, but disperse it and trust God to reverse it.

– Kong Hee

in 2012, i have faced one of my biggest obstacles in life to forgive again. It wasnt easy at all, i faced it again and again with tears and it was the hardest for i couldn’t even face him for months, nearly a year which during so, i flinched and freeze at merely just the sight of him which sets my heart on fear. Once i nearly screamed just when i was back from holiday and have gotten used not seeing him for a period of time. .

With my faith in god growing each day, i know it’s gonna be easier for me to forgive in the future, esp with these wise words in bold above.


Faith Hill and her where are you Christmas

The Piano guys, as usual, pull the strings of my heart. Their amazing talent always makes a song shine like diamonds. This was no exception and the minute the little girl, Sarah, open her mouth, my heart was warmed like golden syrup over pancakes.

This song sings of my relationship and Journey with god, not, Jesus actually. All my life, like many others, we all know there is a god there, in fact all religion centered around one god but not many of us have strong faith of any religion.


Last weekend, I attended the candlelight service and the reason why i went or rather know of this amazing service was because my sister asked me along to service the week before.


I have not stepped in to CHC for a long time but i remembered my last visit was the start of the another build and arise campaign which i felt rather uncomfortable that donations are appealed needed again for the new church despite the fact that the church had raised so much money to get to suntec.

I remembered vividly that Pastor Kong Hee had mentioned in the last donation appeal that the reason of moving to suntech is so that the church does not need to solely depend on donation in future but the shares/rent that will help cover expenses needed to host such a big growing church. I thought it was a really bold and wise move then.

But on the 2nd appeal so to increase the stakes of the shares to become co-owners… i was really uncomfortable and wonder if here was really such a need. Ever since, i stop going to CHC and have gotten comfortable with another Presbyterian church i will occasionally go and it’s been nearly a year since then..

This year wasn’t easy, but i had my bible, prayers and angels in my life. I screamed, cried, hugged, smiled, laughed so hard. I didnt enjoyed the service i went with my sister for i felt that the pastor’s preaching was too focused on power of self and as usual the exchange of god’s promises for donation was another subject i was uncomfortable with.

Luckily at the end, there was a reminder of the next week service, which was the candle light service. My favorite service and also my first service in CHC. I still remembered initiating to go to that service with my then, no yet close cousin.


At that point, all i want is to witness of that glow of light spreading in a big hall that i find fascinating. But my last service there, i learn and see something else. It wasn’t the glow of light, it was the light of Jesus that lit up the hall.



When Pastor Kong preach about Jesus being the light and savior of the world, I got what he meant. As the lights get passed down from the stage  and slowly passed on, spreading the glow, I see faith being lit up in each Christian. I feel Jesus in everyone that everyone believe in him. It was such a surreal moment.






I cant remember when i became a Christian or can I be qualified to me one. I don’t seems to have a stand point or a mark on my journey that shouts ” I AM A CHRISTIAN” but every step i take marks me one..



Later that night, I was invited to my cousin and her husband’s new flat for a sleep over.. That night we talk about salvation through Jesus and as Roger preached and defined salvation from the bible of God’s words. To not just believe in god, but believe Jesus was truly the son of god and only through him, we can be saved. My heart skipped a beat…



It dawned to me there is so much more of me to grow in faith and my path in Christianity still has a long way to go…



May my faith grow stronger.

And Christmas means the celebrating the birth of Jesus and like this song.. like the below lyrics…

I feel you, Christmas, I know I’ve found you
You never fade away
The joy of Christmas stays here in silence
Fills each and every heart with ♥




Songwriters: Carey, Mariah; Horner, James; Jennings, Will;
Singer : Faith Hill

Where are you Christmas? Why can’t I find you?
Why have you gone away?
Where is the laughter you used to bring me?
Why can’t I hear music play?

My world is changing
I’m rearranging
Does that mean Christmas changes too?

Where are you Christmas? Do you remember
The one you used to know?
I’m not the same one, see what the time’s done
Is that why you have let me go?

Christmas is here
Everywhere, oh
Christmas is here
If you care, oh

If there is love in your heart and your mind
You will feel like Christmas all the time

I feel you, Christmas, I know I’ve found you
You never fade away
The joy of Christmas stays here in silence
Fills each and every heart with love

Where are you Christmas?
Fills your heart with love





Fiona’s better me, for god, for 25, for me

說..要為幸福 一天天地練習

For god.
To be strive to be his perfect creation
For a better me.

薛凱琪’s Better Me

編曲:Johnny Yim
監製:舒文@ Zoo Music


I can Smile a little more
Sing a little more
Feel a little more

說好了要為幸福 一天天地練習
練習 Laugh a little more
Love myself a little more
為你我變成了 Better me

有一天生命會老去 還好謝謝有你

在你眼中 I see the better in me
Coz I can Smile a little more
Sing a little more
Feel a little more 全因為你

說好了要為幸福 一天天地練習
練習 Laugh a little more
Love myself a little more
為你我變成了 Better me

教我拋開所有猜疑 也許
我也美麗 值得一個奇蹟

不然今天就不能 如此地有勇氣

Now I promise to you
And I can swear to you
為你我 一定加倍 珍惜我自己
做一個值得你 驕傲的 Better me
一個值得你 愛的Better me



prayer’s answer and answer’s meaning

I was feeling shitty and exhausted with the planning of an upcoming trip. It was a 12 hour date with half filled with research of websites and excel sheet…

On the way home, bad memories of the past Augusts flooded  and pensive dread and worries filled my heart… I remembered with heart sinking with negatives pulling it down like gravity.

The content of the call, the usual rounds of bastard actions and the spending that is killing. Unfortunately this is the the kind of usual that kills and pain us over and over again, making each time more painful than before. I reconfirm my brother’s conversation with my mother again and there is no surprise.

I couldn’t sleep at all..
tears came and go
memories, screaming, painful words, bastards actions fogged my mind again.

I keep tossing and turning over and over and over again.

I keep screaming to my mind to stop, my heart to stop. Everything to stop, everything.

I turn to my left again.. and i put my hands together to pray, hoping that saying it out to god will ease away the worries, the pain.. As I speak, my anger, my disgust, my raw pain surfaced and I prayed for terrible things. any terrible things as long as this will end.

then i remembered, god has his ways, his plans for me.. but why cant i feel nor see it.. why? Or are we in his way? are we blinded by denial even if god is trying to help? I pray again. with more faith in god than hate for him.

“amen” i said but my heart didnt feel any better.
“did he hear me?” i wondered

I tossed and turned again and wondered again..
Took my bible and hold it.. and tell god.. pls tell me what i need and want to know..

and I read this – Isaiah 55:8- 13

and i was blown.
He answered my guilt of the terrible things
He answered my wonder if he had heard my prayers
He renew my faith by confirming his ways are indeed higher than my way
He is showing me how he will not fail on me and how we will be freed eventually.
freed with peace.

There more.. I know.. So i go on and search for deeper meanings behind this.

Please… please do it.. activate your plans now.. show me.



My sister posted this today….

“…to forgive is to set a prisoner free and to discover the prisoner was you.”

but… I cant because i been through long enough to know it comes with the taste of betrayal that lingers and kills me over and over again. For now I rather be the prisoner then to set free to get scars over and over again


Aunt Nicole and God

I posted the below message on my aunt nicole’s facebook. Aunt nicole is one of those very very devoted christian i know, taking every and any chance she can to preach and talk about beloved Jesus. If you had met her and not known she is an Christian, the meeting must have been less than 5 secs. She is also one of the most patient, beautiful but stubborn aunt among the seven.

She was the first whom introduced me to god and Jesus also being the most awesome aunt to be the first and only to buy me a gift that i truly desire – A Sony discman in the 90’s.

The first time she heard my wish, she express desire to buy a that discman, only to face the biggest obstacle = my mum. She was then told to purchase a pair of good shoe for me instead (for mother hen said “buy what discman for kids lah”). My disappointment and resentment was unforgettable even till now but what can a 10 year old do?

However (thank god!), my dearest aunt must have somehow understood how much i really wanted that discman (which is truly the coolest must have gadget anyone should have when it was launch) and eventually got me one. Although it been more than 10 years since and the discman had long been dis-functional, i still keep it for it was the most awesome gift i have ever received.

Along with that most awesome gift ever, was 2 CDs (church songs, so yea you get the drift) and one of them had recently been dug out by me on those nights that i was ill at ease, frantically hoping to grab something that will smooth my heart..

And it did, I was amaze at how quick the lyrics and songs came back to me.. almost immediately, i sang along, calling out to god. It was extra comforting because 15 years back, I was a happy and truly carefree kid. My worries were how to finish holiday homework and only pain was not as loved like my little brother by my mum.

a few months back, i went digging for any CD that can draw me closer to god as i desperately was uneasy at heart. I found this CD, given to me when i was in primary school by you along with my dream present (the sony walkman which i still keep although it is no longer working). I would never forget those moments i spend hours playing this CD from SG to Kumpong and back to SG and surprising even though i have not hear this for over 10 years, i know most lyrics by heart and it is was the most comforting music till date. Thank you..

Track list:
01. Something Beautiful (Instrumental)
02. Come as You Are
03. Come and See
04. Interlude
05. He Is Our Father
06. Beauty for Ashes
07. White as Snow
08. Something Beautiful
09. Let Your Glory Fill This Place
10. Interlude
11. Come Holy Spirit
12. Draw Me into Your Presence
13. He Reigns
14. The Power of Your Love
15. Great Is the Lord
16. These Things Are True of You
17. Hear My Prayer
18. Interlude
19. The Family Prayer Song (As for Me and My House)
20. The Power of Love (Reprise)

it’s difficult to find the lyrics online but managed to find one here..

Song: Come Just As You Are Lyrics
Artist: Maranatha Singers

Come just as you are

Hear the spirit call

Come just as you are

Come and see,Come receive,come and live forever

Come just as you are

Hear the spirit call

Come just as you are

Come and see,Christ the King, come and live forever Life everlasting,and Strength for today

Taste the living water,And never thirst again

Come just as you are, hear the spirit call

Come just as you are and come see Christ the king, come and live forever

Life everlasting, and Strength for today

Taste the living water And never thirst again

Life everlasting,and Strength for today

Taste the living water And never thirst again

Come just as you are, hear the spirit call

These songs brought me peace and serenity drawn from those memories. I dont know if i can say i truly am 100% committed and believe in Jesus. I dont get how to feel and understand someone whom i never met, no one i know had really met be able to love me selflessly, i dont understand why people said he died for me on a cross. It was political of a past life i have never been.

But i know there is god. God that is mighty and had been working and plan a life of each of us. There is indeed someone up there whom must love me as his creation. If the people of god say Jesus is his son and god had said, he must be then. The teaching, the words pass down were belief i had thrown myself in, even before I know god. That why i am a Christian now.

I have not gone past the doubts, but my belief and faith had been strengthen to beyond my need of understanding some facts.

To my dearest god, whom i prayed so hard during the dark times, whom is the only hope i can grab and cling on, whom pass down so many wonderful times. Thank you..


bread butter and milk

Youtube randomly this morning because i was finally able to sleep better last night, wanted to hear something or anything about god to remind myself of what i felt yesterday, to renew my faith and strengthen my heart..

Like milk in the morning (although i dont drink milk), it nourish my soul

When you’ve prayed every prayer that you know how to pray.
Just remember the Lord will hear and the answer is on it’s way.

Our God is able.
He is mighty.
He is faithful.

And He never sleeps, He never slumbers.
He never tires of hearing our prayer.
When we are weak He becomes stronger.
So rest in His love and cast all of your cares on Him.

Do you feel that the Lord has forgotten your need.
Just remember that God is always working in ways you cannot see.

Our God is able.
He is mighty.
He is faithful.


Had my usual “butter” and…

Virgo Horoscope
Thursday, Mar 1, 2012

A few interesting encounters will be leading to some new opportunities for you today. And you shouldn’t be afraid to chart your own course right now no matter what others think. Just realize that any difficult issues will end up sorting themselves out and start moving in your direction before long.

If you’re experiencing some lingering concerns about a few things from the past, just try to let go of any irrational fears that are still plaguing you. And remember to keep moving forward and making progress even if you don’t get as much support as you’d like right now. Mantra: I will find solutions by thinking outside the box.


On this day of your life, Karen, we believe God wants you to know … that you’ve been skipping out on God’s most important gift to man – love.

Love is the blood of the soul. God wants all beings to have healthy and strong souls, so God created a simple law to nourish the soul: the more you give love, the more you receive love. Remember all the beings you love – people, animals – that you haven’t thought of lately. Do not wait anymore, reconnect with them today and express your love.

i still fear, still have tears, still have pain
but i have someone to count on and look to now.


my prayer last night

Life is painful…

Last night I prayed.. again and again. When in fear but yet afraid to pray because i might resent it n feel more abandon again..

my heart been beating too fast in fear while my mind whirl around the past and future in tears.. the worst is not just facing this monster, but feeling like I have to face it alone.

so i pray again.. and i only ask for one thing.. the thing i been praying for.. took my bible out n ask god to tell me and let me know i am not alone, that “god… u hear me and is there for me”

it was past 3am by the time i read this page. I thought of falling asleep with the sound of church songs.. so i youtube “god be there for me” and the video appeared first was “god will make a way”.

finally at 4.30 am, blackness finally took over

After lunch, a friend from my previous department msn me.. somehow tears falls when i describe the pain. But i was then reminded.. That god had sent her to me to let me know again – i am not alone

Reached home and the bible verse from facebook today was

… say to those with fearful hearts, Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you