陳奕迅 with his 看穿

Tried my best to settle my mind and heart by responding at my best to both positively. I guess between bff and me, we just gotta resign to fate of this is how the long distance friendship gotta be between us and hopefully it will stop draining us. Been praying for her and hope that god can comfort her and that she can be completed by god’s love on herself instead on depending on others. As usual I’m not sure and still quite awkward on how to respond to her relationship. I’m worried not just because of the complexity and the amount of the toxic it holds behind both but that she is slipping into depression and I dont know how to pull her back. How to make her feel loved within the capacity I can give. But I gotta keep trying and keep a tab on her as much as I can.

On the next friend, ms suddenly sensitive, I tried my best to explain and clarify in between the her denials,claims and outbreaks. I’m guessing it helped a little digging what she was truly unhappy with us and unfortunately I was the executor and respondent so I have much more to deal with it. Although I’ve tried clarifying, things sure are awkward. Now it feels like we all gotta walk around the eggshells because with this suddenly outbreak, we are confused and same for her because her suddenly dislike of jokes about her is going to make her be-careful. This is not unfamiliar and I am not surprised, I have seen those signs before of the similar traits of her and others who are like this. I guess it is bothering me much more than I like because i hate hanging in the air and the also know the huge amount of patience and tact needed  to handle someone like this.

Not as fast as I like but I think i am getting less affected   though time to time my mind wanders off to the murky water and trying to analyze where did it came from and got irritated again then I am drawn to it.  The song came on the radio and the lyrics gave me those answers. I take a 2nd look and am even more surprised at the title which is my biggest strength and flaw. To see through one easily.

陳奕迅 with his 看穿

你可以看穿誰 泛黃的舊照片
他當時候腦袋裡想的 是誰
你想要看穿誰 誠懇卻又挑著眉
到頭來還是分不出 白或是黑

偏偏 人總是偏偏 用說謊做為最前線
天天 像無止境的 發瘋似的假冒為仙

每個人 都會很習慣 碰見了人 先做表面
每個人 都會不習慣 看見了人 真誠為先
每個人 都會很習慣 面對了人 先做表面
每個人 都會不習慣 看見了人 真誠為先

又想要看穿誰 有什麼新發現

卻也無法看穿是誰戴 假面
低著頭看著鞋 乾乾淨淨沒殘缺
跨過我的每雙鞋底 層層污點

偏偏 人總是偏偏 看那華麗的超越一切
天天 像無止境的 發瘋似的走最高點

每個人 都會很習慣 碰見了人 先做表面
每個人 都會不習慣 看見了人 真誠為先
每個人 都會很習慣 面對了人 先做表面
每個人 都會不習慣 看見了人 真誠為先

每個人 都會很喜歡 東說西說 自我表現
每個人 都會不喜歡 到處奔波 賺點小錢
每個人 都會很喜歡 插了隊就 一步登天
每個人 都會不喜歡 照著規矩 按步向前

I cant help but to feel it’s a season of brewing toxic vs the augsomeness that i would like. I see troubles and aches all around me, I been praying for others so much that I am starting to feel bad giving god  the starting to get longer and longer list of names. I am trying my best to avoid being tinted by others’ toxic steer clear of whatever negative seems to be brewing in them. So i changed my prayer for him to lead and strengthen my ways accordingly to his wills.


Child vs adult

Do you know why kids are the easiest to love?

I think it’s because they are simple in how they think, feel and direct in expressing it. There is no hidden message, denial mode nor agenda on whatever they say.

You know what they want and what they dont and can give accordingly. It’s easy to interact because it’s so clear.

Recently i feel really drained. Of dealing with people who are tainted and is damnest hard to communicate and deal esp with in time when there is an issue.

It’s the most irony of how they complicate their life and issues with emotions and insist in claiming to be nonchalant. They will make a point and insist on it which makes it so painfully obvious

There is no need to pretend to be cool a out it when you are not cool about it.

Gotta pray for patience and grace for me to lean on and let them be. Trying my best to be understanding and tactful and cant help but to wish more people can be REALLY simple instead of just claiming.
Be honest and transparent. Be sensitive but not petty. Be nice not PR. Be real not fake. Be truthful on how you feel vs what claim. Isnt it so much better and easier?

Oh well, to each its own.. Everyone have their demon to slay. I’m getting more frustrated with how affected i am, just wish i can stop getting affected by all these murky toxic of others

heeh! just realize the sticker meant that woman always see themselves fatter 😓


Rick Warren’s Good Relationships Take Time

It’s true, all my heart’s questions can be answered by the bible. Rather brain dead at the moment but cant help keep reading over and over again.

Images of friends keep flashing across my mind. Incidents that trigger my doubts on friendship or who to keep and let go.

Aug 5, 2014
Good Relationships Take Time
by Rick Warren

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. Proverbs 17:17 (NIV)

Good relationships take time. They don’t happen by accident. They take cultivation, work, and time to build a deep connection with somebody. That requires commitment.

Proverbs tells us, “A friend loves at all times.” That means even when it’s inconvenient, when you don’t feel like it, even when they don’t deserve it, even at personal cost. That’s what real friendship is all about.

Friends are in your corner when you’re cornered. And they see you through when everybody else thinks you’re through. They walk in when everybody else walks out.

You don’t need many friends to make it in this world but you do need a few good ones. Focus on quality not quantity. You can have many acquaintances but that means nothing. The acquaintances are not going to be there in the crisis. They’re not going to be there when you need them. Friends will. And every important close connection begins with a commitment.

At every stage of your life you’re going to need these kinds of relationships. You’re going to need a group of people for different reasons in different ways. You need to get connected. You need people in your life. You say, “I don’t need them now.” You’re going to need them someday. You need to give and you need to receive.

Talk About It

What do you think of this quote from Larry Crabb: “When two people really connect, something is poured out of one and into the other that has the power to heal the soul of its deepest wounds and restore it to health. The one who receives, experiences the joy of being healed. And the one who gives, knows even greater joy of being used to heal.” (from Larry Crabb’s book, “Connecting.”)