Huang Yun Ling with her let’s falling in love

Missy Y just shared she got attached and somehow this song, played in the shuttle mode, caught by ear. The only thing that have caught me a little off-guard is learning Missy met mister on a dating online site.

Not that it really matter but i guess i am still too old-school when it comes to love (which explains why i am still single) but boy i do admire her courage in finding love for it’s hard to find someone who wants to love and will love in this era and now i am glad technology made it easier.

The topic of getting attached is happened twice this week and i doubt people are shunning love, more of how to get to love..

This was the lyric that strike me..
“不如就讓我們約會吧 就讓我們偶遇吧, 轉角街口是好地方”

何炅 黄韵玲-我们约会吧

我們約會吧 Let’s fall in love (修改)

特別演出Featuring Vocal:何炅 Jiong He
作詞:劉慕堯 Alan Liu
作曲:黃韻玲 Kay Huang、鍾興民Baby-C

預備起 一閃一閃亮晶晶 閉上眼就想起妳
深呼吸 彷彿上演偶像劇 我是男主角之一
是愛情 傳遞著曖昧關係 電話簡訊表貼心

看著妳 一閃一閃亮晶晶 你是我的幸運星
超吸睛 溫柔可靠又討喜 出奇不意放光明
被佔據 我是不是該靠近 幸福卻讓我著迷

不如就讓我們約會吧 就讓我們偶遇吧
雖然說 咖啡沒傳說中香 心跳沒想像中強

不如 我們趕快約會吧 等待其實是假象
跨大步 用擁抱回應我們的美麗時光
是歡樂 是憂傷 我們來分享