feeding evil or good

A great Cherokee chief was teaching his grandson all about life.

“There’s a great fight in all of us.” He told him.

“And it’s a fight between two wolves. One is evil. He has anger, envy, guilt, sorrow and ego. And the other is good. He has joy, love, hope, truth and faith.”

The grandson asked, “Which wolf will win?”

And the chief replied, “The one you feed.”

– Guru Sona, 90210 Season 3 Ep 13



I have vivid imagination and time to time I daydream, look at people and stories somehow will start spinning in my head like a little seed planted where i will water to “groom” it…

Stories (which I think was better when i am younger as it is not bounded by the reality I faced day by day) that are fictional, sometimes crazy, sometimes too close to reality, sometimes just a fantasy  and sometimes left or strayed with no ending..

should i start keeping it here?