Leonard Nimoy, the incurable romantic

To live, to believe to feel again..

I am an incurable romantic

I believe in hope, dreams and decency
I believe in love,
Tenderness and kindness.

I believe in mankind.
I believe in goodness,
Mercy and charity
I believe in a universal spirit
believe in casting bread
Upon the waters.

I am awed by the snow-capped mountains
By the vastness of oceans.
I am moved by a couple
Of any age – holding hands
As they walk through city streets.

A living creature in pain
Makes me shudder with sorrow
A seagull’s cry fills me
With a sense of mystery.

A river or stream
Can move me to tears
A lake nestling in a valley
Can bring me peace.

– Leonard Nimoy


Hazey situation

In Singapore it’s summer all year round and there is always a joke about how the easiest jobs in Singapore can be found in the weather forecast station (aiya, either rainy or sunny loh).

Recently a new weather had been added in the chart but unfortunately is hazardous to health – Haze.

not sure why everyone is complaining that our government is not responsive but i felt that they were quick with press releases to advise on the N95 masks, what to do during this period, sending letters and officials to Indonesia (and responding maturely to childish and thoughtless comments) , quickly get NEA to update their sites with lots of information.

Next 24 Hour Forecast
Source: NEA

Regional Haze Map
Source: NEA

Many folks where angry that a no-work order was not issued despite hitting a 400 psi dangerous level how come on, life have to do on..

If a no-work order is issue, what will happen to people who needs medical treatment on a daily basis? Entrepreneurs and especially the soho and SMBs like taxi drivers, hawkers etc? Let’s face it, we all gotta buy eat and drink too? Shops that sells groceries?shall they close too?

As the haze smog our little red dot, i cant help to feel that it had also smog the our heart and brain.. the ugly side of human nature starts surfacing above the smoke.. folks are selling masks at a ridiculous price in times of need, nations are pointing fingers fingers at each other, citizens are brainwashed and accusing each other.

All these hatred for what? But of course, the good will always triumph against bad.. little actions of kindness, big or small starts surfacing..

Examples like good guy (bosses) like MacDonald, KFC, pizza hut who stop their delivery boys from working.. Also kuddos to my cousin who allow all her staff to claim cabs fare for going to work with the haze. Also, especially to my current co allowing us to WFH which really is a blessing in such cases.

One in particular is this video that went viral. it was mentioned that while one can burn the forest, we can let our human spirit burn brighter. so well said, so well done.

Of all, it reminded me to pray – “Dear god, please let the blue sky stay, protect the old young and weak and may us learn to treasure the beauty of your creation”.

We learn to never take the simple things in life for granted and also realize that its the simple things that make the difference in life..

Random 1343

Now though the haze is gone, despite the prediction of having it for 4 months, but the appreciation of blue skies and clear view of scenery stays in many of us for sure…


perfect gift

A typical Christmas advertisement but with a twist at the end that will melt your heart.

And really, there something even more wonderful then receiving.

“For gifts you can’t wait to give” There is something even more wonderful than receiving the perfect gift, and that is knowing you have found the perfect gift for someone you love. This year we have brought to life the feeling of excitement and anticipation you get when you have found that perfect gift for someone and cannot wait for Christmas day to arrive.

Our advert follows one little boy who is impatiently counting down to Christmas. We see him tapping his fingers, gazing out of the window, even trying to cast a spell on a clock to make time go faster, but to no avail. The track ‘Please, Please, Please let me get what I want’, was originally recorded by the Smiths, and has been rerecorded by emerging artist Slow Moving Millie.