goodbye and hello 2014

I’ve been intending to blog like I used to for the longest time but i guess i have gone past the phrase of blogging my life vs now blogging thoughts. Let’s see if I can get that drive back, I do used to enjoy reading my archive and know what happened when.

I don’t recalled when i last did i recapped of the year but somehow the idea keep coming to my mind this year. Might be because i was sorting out my album and realized the travel trips these recent years, particularly 2013 was more than i had recalled.

travel as of 2013

It seems like i been covering 3 trips every year since 2011 which was also the start of my new job and also the year after I have finally graduated. For someone who barely traveled for the past 20 years, I have never imagine a life like that at twenties and I am thankful for it.

Here’s 2011….

travel 2011

It started with meeting Kat in Indonesia and this time instead of Jakarta, we venture out to bandung as she is familiar with that place due to work. I recalled it was during the Singapore election period and practically didn’t get to sleep for 3 days straight due to *ahem* many reasons and once again, her father issue with fat folks disturbed me. That aside, all i did was booked air ticket and the minute I arrive till I left, I was all kat’s and we had a blast eating, shopping, swimming in the dark getting freak out and lots of fun! I was really well taken care of by my fbf #favBitchForever

Danang was probably the most unforgettable trip of all for it was the first and hopefully the last time ever that i will missed a flight DESPITE checking in on time. Super wtf moment as i stood there helplessly for 30 mins, watching the plane leave without us. We were so jinxed with our flight through out the whole trip (I hate you jet star for all damn connecting flight) and every single flight screwed up with long hours of delays (it took us 15 hours to get there and another 10 to get back). It’s probably the last trip with Jing Wee too as shortly after the trip she got hitched and had a baby (turn out she was already pregnant during the trip) and went MIA since. All the huge and little hiccups but overall pleasant holiday as i lugged back a bag of custom made clothes really made this the most unforgettable trip of the year.

Bali was interesting with the tais tais who had so kindly excluded me in the villa payment, giving me a treat (though at the end of it, I wished i didnt take it because of a remark) and to be honest, despite it being enjoyable, I am not sure i have really visited Bali at the end of the day for I have not touched any of the famous sand beaches and all i recalled was the expensive dining places that had me at awed. Was a really different trip that I probably would only enjoy with these Tais Tais who were kind enough to ask me along.

Batam was a last minute trip with folks I barely know a year but yet are super close friends/colleague now. It was fuss free, basically only chilling, playing majong, eating maggie every meal. Was a really good ending trip all in all.

travel 2012

2012 was really special and every trip is so memorable!

Starting with my first ever business trip to shanghai! I have been quite demoralized and has very low job confidence from my previous job (which in a twist of story, i realize that ex-boss was being kept out of this event) so when I was asked along this business trip, i really couldn’t believe it. It was such an….. adventure! I was practically squealing when i saw the amazzzzzing view from my hotel (which was like 6 stars, a luxury I know I wont be able to afford on my own). The adventure starts from working like mad to getting my valuables stolen, sitting in a police car, a scary time getting my police report to my extended time to explore from Shanghai to Hangzou alone (which also made me realize traveling alone can be quite lonely). Despite the huge hiccup, I managed to recover my loss thanks to insurance and company’s claims. I must say I am truly and really blessed.

Hong Kong in June made me missed Singapore’s weather. Summer in Hong Kong is no joke. It was more of a eating trip, so much eating that i went puking one of the evening. We are practically 5 meals a day and every single meal is so good! Hong Kong is truly a place to eat shop eat shop eat shop just as it’s iconic advertisement.

Sydney was fantastic for i saw snow and ski/snowboard for the first time! nothing beats that and oh boy how my friend and i combed the supermarkets and you’ll be surprised how much one can spend there. Though i cant say for my friend who really cant seems to survive in western country, eating western food most of the time but i had a reallly good time and would like to explore more of wonderful Australia.

travel 2013

Taiwan with the amazing 3 girls i met at work and now we became so close that it’s hard to imagine going work without seeing them. I thought it would be perfect but to be honest, there were a lot of times i wish I am back in Singapore. There were too much unexpected hiccups. Apart of snoring every single night (thank god for ear plugs), the gals had struck a silly chord of pretending to be from China with a countryside accent which got me really irritated as they do that everyday and I was quite embarrassed at some point. Other than that, my friend got so sea sick from dolphin sight seeing, I messed up out Ali-san B&B boking, my taiwan friend messing my last night and got me quite upset before i left. However Hua Lien really amazed me with the good food, good view and good people which i cant stop raving to others when I am back.

Thailand was stressing as it’s the first time i brought my dad out alone on a trip overseas. My dad has alot of  issues on health and it really was stressful for meespecially when he couldnt wait to buy his first whiskey at the airport which got me in tears at the custom counter. The bangkok hotel condition and location was terrible and my dad had gotten MIA a couple of times and due to his drinking, his gastric started acting up during almost the whole time we were in bangkok. I thought things will be better when we reached hua hin but i end up in hospital thanks to the hotel getting me food poisoning which needed me to be on drips. IT was a trip that i had been debating for the longest time and despite all, I am glad i did it although it really shaken my faith and I am not sure if i will do it again.

Of all, I think it’s obvious I truly enjoyed langkawi most as it fulfilled my wish of visiting my grandma at her kumpong and was the trip with the least hiccups. i guess I truly relax throughout the whole trip and enjoyed every moment. Even the hiccup of missing out snorkeling didnt get me upset as with my jie meis, every day and night was so fun! Tried motor boat and had an embarrassing time para skiing too. From land of duty free and watching my friends get drunk plus i get to drive too (I think that was the bonus)! It was amazing Langkawi. All in all, I had a blast ;D

Other than the trips, I also had an awesome birthday that is really the best so far.
birthday 26

I really felt blessed throughout August. It have gotten a free hotel stay for 4 days, lovely surprise party by my beloved and close friends and had a great time in most celebration. Am also learning to let go the expectation of presents and i think because of it, i had a better time.


The past years had been up and down of extreme peaks, losing my granny and 3rd grand uncle, fighting a lot of internal battle and battles at home.. There so much more to learn like learning to love myself more, learning how to juggle who to keep and who to let go in life. There so much as usual, at some point, some closure of fear, some open of hearts, growing stronger in ties, growing weaker in mental health.

As for 2014, I have epi lasik, Batam, Japan and Korea coming up! I can hardly wait! Most people say “please be good 2014” but I’m gonna say

“I’ll be good and make 2014 good with Jesus!”