Selfie (what used to be called camwhore) is the new name of the trend in taking self shots and with the rising of camera phones and photo apps, i think this trend will be a norm in future.

However the vibe i get from the social media is that it gives the vibe of being too much of a narcissistic, vain and even pathetic sometimes. Usually people poke fun of people who does it but the truth is, everyone does that!

So when I was clicking to this article that my friend had shared on her facebook about selfie, I thought it was another negative article.

But i was surprised, by dove again. Instead of focusing on negativity, these folks focus about how selfie make people realize how beautiful they really are

I really love this part which enlightened me

“…when they are insecure with things, those were the things that made them different. But the thing is that the things that made them different, made them unique and that is what made them beautiful”

and of course the way they end it with this beautiful statment which concludes the purpose of the ad.

“I think beauty is being strong, being brave and be happy with yourself”