We are a very very small red dot, a lot way smaller than how some of us feel about our power in voting

Ever known of people who oppose for the sake of opposing? i know of 2 just this week and i wish i can shake some sense in them. Honestly i have so much hope in ‪GE2015‬ based on the comments i’ve seen on social media as many does see through these sugar coated polices that may be laced with chemical with no substance. It isn’t about which party i am supporting while another is not. It’s about what and why people are truly supporting for when voting. If you support and believe in their polices or stand, yes please vote wisely.

BUT NOT vote just to vote against what you think is needed in a “bigger picture”. Seriously! I totally agree with this article (note not just on the party he is supporting) that this is what LKY had fought his whole life for us and the way people vote to oppose for the sake of it will only lead the future government to a tinted path that not lead the nation but feed whichever votes gets them to be on the job (look at some of the hopeless yet hopeful opposition group incredibly brainless polices proposal) and we will end up like some of our infamous neighbors. You think it’s impossible? then dont make it any possible with your vote.

It pains me more because i cant get to vote due to work and i desperately wish some folks understand that by that our votes are not tools of revenge or a prank we wish scare someone. We are a very very small red dot, a lot way smaller than how some of us feel about our power in voting. ‪

Calvin Cheng

I am addressing this post to the fiscal conservatives like myself who have been disturbed and upset by the PAP’s leftward shift these four years.

We have seen increased social spending and welfarist policies, that although founded on sound financial pillars, will engender a dependent and entitled mindset amongst our population. I am very sure that the demands for the Pioneer Generation Package to be extended to other generations will grow more shrill as time goes by. The Pandora’s box has been opened.

We are disturbed by anti-business policies such as the tightening of foreign labour, causing many hardworking SME owners to lose their businesses and livelihoods, and the locals they employ to be made jobless. Already there are further demands for employers to be compelled to employ Singaporeans, regardless of how capable they are. This will only make our businesses less competitive globally.

We are upset that the Government does not seem to understand that increasing productivity is easier said than done. In the meantime, SMEs still need to function and need workers.

We are worried that HDB has gone into deficit in order to build more flats, and wonder whether an oversupply of houses is worse than just-in-time production.

We were astounded and nervous when the PAP was forced to declare its socialist roots.

But listen to me:

They had no choice but to move decisively to the left when all the Opposition parties massed against it are to the left.

They had no choice after their worst electoral performance since independence.

If we do not shore up support for the PAP now and make our voices heard these few days, it will only get worse.

Already, the leftward shift of the PAP has forced the Opposition to move further left into loony territory.

Minimum wage, unemployment benefits, increased social spending, higher taxes on the rich and MNCs – these are some of the policies the Opposition are proposing.

If the PAP loses more seats this election, they will have to move further left in order to outflank the Opposition.

These poisonous policies, policies that Lee Kuan Yew fought his whole life against, will become reality.

Is this what we want to see?

Do we want Singapore, built on the hard work and ingenuity of our forefathers, to become a lazy, entitled and bankrupt populist and socialist state?

If you are a fiscal and political conservative like me, we have a week to make our voices heard.

There is no party to the right of the PAP to speak for us.

Speak now, for yourselves, before it is too late.