decision decision decision

photo credit :Sleepless Night Sitting , 1997 - Yoshitomo Nara)
photo credit :Sleepless Night Sitting , 1997 – Yoshitomo Nara

Because of my new iphone cover bought from Taiwan
which i decide shall lovingly cloth my iphone today
i get to know another lovely artist’s work
Mr Yoshitomo Nara.

As i refuse to head to bed yet
as i have a wavering heart to deal,
moreover what difference will another late night be?

I put the numbers side by side on an excel
my fingers couldnt stop
more and more numbers starts to get generated out
more and more rows get filled up

It had been 3 days and tomorrow is the final day

a 15% vs a 5.8% worth of difference
a comfort zone vs a past of a difference
a expanded resume vs a routine difference

the numbers and questions swarmed my head
I decide to google more on my new found interest
and here i am
as shown with a droopy rabbit ears
with a serious expression, seated
just to share another cross point
where my sleepless night is illustrated right